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Sept Newsletter

Posted on September 14, 2015 at 7:50 PM


September 2015 - In The Flow


Hello friends and yogins,

I hope you're enjoying the amazing summer rains as much as I am! I get out and hike every chance I get and Seven Falls was truly spectacular this week! The falls were all flowing wildly into their respective pools and it was truly incredible to behold. Of course all this water got me thinking…where does the water go? How does it flow? It doesn't go to the highest point or try to return from whence it came, or stop its own flow. It falls gracefully, easily and sometimes powerfully in its own path, creating new and ever expanding land forms; truly miraculous!

What if we took our cues from the water and actually allowed ourselves to be in the flow of life without forcing, trying to recreate what has already passed or controlling our every step? What if we took the time to look inside ourselves every day and feel our heart’s desire and not the desires of our overly conditioned minds? Then we could take that information which is divine truth and allow ourselves to move toward our highest purpose and bliss in life. Yes, we have to work for the things we want and need, but in my experience, those things I had to push were never really the things that served my highest. We can have and achieve anything we want in life but at what cost? If we ask the questions in our quietest moments, “what is my life supposed to look like right now?”, “will this job, house, person, serve my highest purpose?” then and only then will we receive the answers that propel us to move in the right direction with the ease and effortlessness of the flowing waters. What happens though, when the water flows to a low spot? It just keeps going or simply pauses. It doesn't turn back and seek higher ground, it can’t, and neither can we.

To be in the flow truly means to be exactly where you are in the moment with courage and integrity. Every moment is not a moment to celebrate. There are times to grieve, to embrace our fears, to sit in discomfort and even, as my midshipman son’s group says, “EMBRACE THE SUCK”. Sometimes things just do really suck! There is little joy in losing a loved one, a job, a home, or a pet. There is no reason or necessity to put on a happy face or “look for the positive” in everything. That would be disingenuous and wouldn't serve anybody or anything! By being in the flow we can embrace whatever we are feeling and experience the full impact of that feeling in the moment without reservation. Cry, scream, whine and enjoy it1 Give yourself space to be exactly who and how you are right now! You will find if you do this, feelings have a way of moving on more easily. Like anything or anybody else, your feelings want a little attention, they just want to be noticed and acknowledged and then they have the freedom to be released. Feelings unreleased or held fester and become lodged in our subtle bodies and manifest as pain and even disease years down the road. Don't interrupt the flow of your own humanity; embrace it fully!!

More and more each day I am engaging in the practice of being in the flow myself. Where my stock answer to “how are you?” used to be “fantastic!”, I now answer truthfully. If I’m having a hard moment, I say so. I am in the flow of life along with all of you1 Being a yogini does not exempt one from the trials and tribulations of having a human experience, quite the contrary. Being a yogin teaches us to hold a compassionate space for ourselves and the rest of humanity in all our imperfect glory. So pull back baby and let it flow!


At precisely the appropriate time this year the Bowspring entered my life-

What is the Bowspring System of Sridaiva?


Sridaiva is a holistic mind-body approach that utilizes a dynamically balanced posture called the Bowspring.

The Bowspring is an ideal postural shape for all of your daily life’s activities. Consider enhancing your capacity in ordinary tasks like walking, sitting, housework, and even more specialized activities like yoga, jogging, or any athletics.

The goal of the Bowspring alignment is to achieve tensile strength and rooted lightness in any movement, while using the least amount of physical energy. It offers a new view on body alignment that keeps you living healthy at any age; cultivating graceful lightness and whole body strength.


I have been teaching this practice for 6 months now and my body hasn't felt this healthy in years and has never been stronger or more flexible! The system of alignment Sridaiva offers is revolutionary and can be practiced by all levels of ability. It is truly the process of stepping into the flow of movement our bodies were designed for. Students that have been practicing the bowspring with me have reported how much stronger they have become in a very short time. Everyday activities take on a whole new ease and awareness. In addition to the body connection, the bowstring offers a meditative component which allows for a true cohesive practice serving all aspects of the human condition. We truly become free to feel and move in a new way.


I’m ready aim the bow and launch the arrow of Sridaiva in Tucson! Stay tuned for classes or enquire about private lessons. Especially great for back pain sufferers!






Upcoming Events


Yoga at Crossfit 646

Special FREE intro Class Thursday 9/17 @6:30 pm


Wednesday night Mantra Meditation classes 6-7 pm. @3434 North Country Club Rd. Suite 120

Four week series starting October 7

Limited enrollment, call 520-591-8783 for details


Bowspring private lessons in my studio or your home. Learn an easier way to be in your body.


Private yoga and meditation classes in my mid town studio. Connect to your body through your highest consciousness!

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