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You Are a Gift

Posted on October 3, 2016 at 9:50 AM


October 2016 - You Are A Gift

Hello Beloved Friends and Yogins,

It is time; it is now! You are being asked to step up, to embrace your power as a human and spirit. What will it take for you to accept how powerful you are and live your greatness?

We all do it, we play small and give our power away. How many times have you heard yourself say things like “I wish I knew what to say” or “ I wish I had your power/intuition” or “I couldn't do/say that”? That’s fear talking and it can be deafening, but we can choose to hear it and still love it away. Disempower fear!

Here’s what I want you to know my dears, there’s not a one of us who is more powerful, strong, or intuitive than the others. Opening to your own greatness is like turning on a switch. It does require a desire and some commitment, but it’s at each of our fingertips.

We’ve all been out there in the world, we know what’s going on. Even for me, the proverbial ostrich, the state of humanity cannot be denied. We are in dire straights my loves and it’s going to take every conscious, kind hearted human, working at full capacity to turn things around. We need to turn our lights on to their highest settings and shine the shit our of this planet!! Just by the mere fact that you're reading this right now, I know you're on board!

Recently, I had the honor of sitting with a beautiful friend after a long hiatus and we caught up; shared our recent stories and just loved on one another. The next day, she referred to me as a “beautiful light in this world”. I was dumbstruck as I truly felt that because I trust her so, I had shown her my shadow side, and through that, she still saw my light. That’s love, that’s a reward for trust, that’s grace in it’s purest form. We can all learn from this. No matter who you are, where or how you live, you are made of a light which has a brilliance with an intensity you can't imagine. For the first time in our human history, en masse, this light is burgeoning to the surface; we are being called upon to act as Partners in Peace. You know it; the call of your heart cannot be denied! You're aching to be of higher service to yourself and the world around you. Your spirit is calling!

So, through our humaness, with all our inherent darkness, how do we begin to let our lights shine? At the risk of being a broken record, we need to start by centering ourselves;meeting our highest consciousness on the daily.

I’ve started a movement called #CommitoSit. I’m asking everybody in ear or email shot to join the Facebook #CommitoSit group, like the Facebook CommitoSit page and then commit to sit for 9 minutes a day in meditation on peace and love. Come get some stickers and share this with everybody who will listen! It’s a small request with big, powerful possibilities. First, we practice to achieve a peaceful, loving attitude toward self. Suddenly, this feeling spreads to all we encounter and “poof” the world changes. Meditation is such an incredibly accessible and powerful tool and it’s our only way of changing the outside…by accessing the wellspring of love inside.

You are love, you are divine, you are loved, you are needed! You can change the world.

I Love You,


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