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February Newsletter 2018 Already There

Posted on February 19, 2018 at 10:20 PM

February 2018 - Already There

Hello Beloved Friends and Yogins,

Have you heard the currently popular expression “Live the life you choose”? I have, and I have found it to be by turns both inspiring and terrifying. Inspiring because it’s a reminder that the possibilities for success, joy and love are limitless. Terrifying, when I think I haven’t lived up to my potential, terrifying when I measure my own journey against that of others, terrifying when I believe freedom to be irresponsible or that happiness is some far off brass ring just out of my grasp at all times.

You might be wondering where this particular journey down the rabbit hole of my consciousness began. As many of you know, I travel A LOT for work these days. Well, recently while chatting with a friend, the conversation took an odd turn. In hindsight I realize I must have been excessively complaining (as humans are wan to do) about my current work situation. My beautiful, supportive friend in all of her loving kindness and compassion looked me in the heart and said to me “I’m so sorry you have to do this”. She was sincere and warm and I was immediately struck! Ugh, this was quite an unattractive perspective that I was shocked at myself for espousing. I was immediately called to take an internal inventory and found that in doing so I thoroughly enjoyed the questions this interaction was bringing up. What sort of awful picture was I painting with my words? When did my vision of myself in my life shift to that of victim? Who said I “had’ to do this? Who sentenced me to a life of right livelihood, a well paying job that affords me the chance to do healing work where it’s both needed, and appreciated, be treated well and respected and travel abundantly? No sooner did I begin to ask the questions than the answers came in abundance! I said yes at some point to all I have and furthermore I continue to say yes to it daily or it wouldn’t be here. And the moment I saw my life in this light I began to enjoy what I’m doing. In essence, I remembered I CHOSE THIS LIFE, and at this point I wouldn’t choose any other. There are so many massage therapists I know who would give anything to enjoy the opportunities I’ve had.

I want to be clear here that I’m not talking about gratitude here; we can save that chat and why I don’t love that word as a concept for another day. I’m talking more about seeing your life with a new perspective. I’m referring to taking responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life today, realizing that each and every aspect of your life is present due to some action that you yourself put into motion at some point. Essentially, we are all already living the life of our choosing. I hope I have been able to convey the incredible impact this exchange has had on me. Below are a few of the blessings I count which have replaced my whining:

Lovely interactions with colleagues and elite athletes

I’m an integral part of a team which is a HUGE lesson for me in this lifetime

A deep sense of belonging, love, and appreciation

Ability to draw healthy boundaries and still be valued

So much more…

By taking responsibility for my choices I realized, maybe for the first time, how and why I was right where I needed to be and that all the lessons I was seeking for my growth were under my nose. I also learned that living the life of my choosing isn’t some futuristic hope but the ability to fully experience my own wisdom and live to the fullest the choices I’ve made until they’re rung out of usefulness and then I’ll make some new ones!

“There’s no place like here”.


In Love,


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